Frequent question: What does I am psyched mean?

slang Very excited, enthusiastic, and mentally prepared (for something). I am so psyched to be here!

What does being psyched mean?

To excite emotionally: The children were psyched to see the circus. 2. To undermine the confidence of by psychological means; intimidate: “Depending on whose personality is stronger, one can more easily psych the other” (Harold C. Schonberg).

How do you spell psyched in slang?

Due to the definition of the word “psyche”, it also sounds appropriate being used as a slang word. Since the word is defined as, “To subject to psychoanalysis” this definition can be stretched to be a slang word meaning, “To outsmart another person”. People often use the word in this way, such as, “She psyched me out!”

Is it Siked or psyched?

So now you know – SIKED means “Psyched, excited about” – don’t thank us. YW! What does SIKED mean? SIKED is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the SIKED definition is given.

How do you use psyched in a sentence?

Psyched sentence example

She composed herself and psyched herself up for a day of shopping, awkward questions about Rhyn, and flaky friends. “I’m so psyched !” she rambled, thrusting a suitcase on the bed. psyched to hear you say that. psyched to have some of the best riding on products that I developed.

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What does fizzle mean?

1 : fizz. 2 : to fail or end feebly especially after a promising start —often used with out. fizzle. Definition of fizzle (Entry 2 of 2) : an abortive effort : failure.

What is a CYKE?

Definition. CYKE. Cyber Knowledge and Emotion. CYKE. Cyber Knife (gaming clan)

What does logy mean?

Logy is defined as a particular branch or field. An example of logy used as a suffix is in the word biology, the study of living matter.

Is Sike a word?

sike n. (Scotland) A gutter or ditch; a small stream that frequently dries up in the summer. sike v. (archaic or Northern England) To sigh or sob.

Is Psych a real word?

psych 1 (sīk), v.t. [Informal.] Informal Termsto intimidate or frighten psychologically, or make nervous (often fol. by out):to psych out the competition. Informal Termsto prepare psychologically to be in the right frame of mind or to give one’s best (often fol.

What’s another word for excited?

What is another word for excited?

enthusiastic eager
motivated overjoyed
rhapsodic stoked
willing craving
electrified exuberant

How do you spell psyched as in excited?

One difference in meaning is that ‘psyched’ implies anticipation and is forward looking (you’re often “psyched for something” that will happen later) while ‘thrilled’ doesn’t have to be forward looking (you’re often “thrilled with something” that’s already happening). That said, you can use ‘thrilled’ of the future.

What does stoked mean?

slang. : being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

How do u spell Psych?

Definition of psych

  1. 1 : mind : mental processes and activities psychodynamic psychology.
  2. 2 : psychological methods psychoanalysis psychotherapy.
  3. 3 : brain psychosurgery.
  4. 4 : mental and psychosomatic.
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Is Psych Greek or Latin? Get psyched for these words that derive from the Greek word psyche, meaning “mind.”

What does psych mean in psychology?

In psychology, the psyche /ˈsaɪki/ is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious.

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