How do you spell psyched in slang?

Definitions include: exclamation of excitement. Definitions include: excited; “psyched”. Definitions include: alternative spelling of “psyched”. Definitions include: overly excited.

What is psyched mean?

1. a. To put into the right psychological frame of mind: The coach psyched the team before the game. b. To excite emotionally: The children were psyched to see the circus.

How do you spell psyched?

verb (used with object), psyched, psych·ing.

to prepare psychologically to be in the right frame of mind or to give one’s best (often followed by up): to psych oneself up for an interview.

Is it Siked or psyched?

alternative spelling of “psyched”. I’m getting so siked about our trip this weekend! See more words with the same meaning: alternative spellings or pronunciations (list of). See more words with the same meaning: excited, energetic.

What does psyched up mean?

phrasal verb. If you psych yourself up before a contest or a difficult task, you prepare yourself for it mentally, especially by telling yourself that you can win or succeed.

Is Sike a word?

sike v. (archaic or Northern England) To sigh or sob. sike n. (archaic or Northern England) A sigh.

What means stoked?

slang. : being in an enthusiastic or exhilarated state.

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What does I’m psyched mean?

slang Very excited, enthusiastic, and mentally prepared (for something). I am so psyched to be here!

How do you spell psyched as in excited?

One difference in meaning is that ‘psyched’ implies anticipation and is forward looking (you’re often “psyched for something” that will happen later) while ‘thrilled’ doesn’t have to be forward looking (you’re often “thrilled with something” that’s already happening). That said, you can use ‘thrilled’ of the future.

What does batted mean?

verb (used with object), bat·ted, bat·ting.

to strike or hit with or as if with a bat or club. Baseball. to have a batting average of; hit: He batted .

What’s another word for excited?

What is another word for excited?

enthusiastic eager
motivated overjoyed
rhapsodic stoked
willing craving
electrified exuberant

Is psyching a word?

v.t. Informal. 1. to intimidate or frighten psychologically (often fol. by out).

How do you use psyched in a sentence?

Psyched sentence example

She composed herself and psyched herself up for a day of shopping, awkward questions about Rhyn, and flaky friends. “I’m so psyched !” she rambled, thrusting a suitcase on the bed. psyched to hear you say that. psyched to have some of the best riding on products that I developed.

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