How does the mildest of winds help psyche?

-“The mildest of winds” helps Psyche because she believes her parents when they consult the oracle of Apollo and goes up to the mountain and comes across a beautiful place. Psyche is surrounded by servants and has a husband without even having to do anything.

How do her sisters create doubts about Psyche’s future husband?

How do her sisters create doubts about Psyche’s future husband? Her sisters create doubts by telling her that her husband is actually one of Apollo’s serpents and that he will turn on her.

What did Eros do to psyche?

Cupid is sent to shoot Psyche with an arrow so that she may fall in love with something hideous. He instead scratches himself with his own dart, which makes any living thing fall in love with the first thing it sees. Consequently, he falls deeply in love with Psyche and disobeys his mother’s order.

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Why was Venus so jealous of Psyche?

1. Venus becomes jealous because Psyche’s surpassing beauty has transfixed all the mortals, so that they forget Venus, and neglect her temples and altars. 2. Venus plans to have her son, Cupid, shoot Psyche with a love arrow, so that Psyche will fall in love with a hideous creature.

How do the sisters of Psyche die?

As if they hadn’t already shown how totally awful they were, the sisters now go to the mountaintop thinking that one of them might take Psyche’s husband for themselves. They jump off the mountain, expecting Zephyr to take them down. (No such luck.) The jealous sisters fall to their deaths on the rocks below.

Why does Cupid leave psyche?

Psyche is a princess so beautiful that the goddess Venus becomes jealous. In revenge, she instructs her son Cupid to make her fall in love with a hideous monster; but instead he falls in love with her himself. … Psyche disobeys his orders not to attempt to look at him, and in doing so she loses him.

What does psyche say when her sisters first attempt to find out who her husband is?

She told each of her sisters that Cupid wanted each of them in her place as wife. Each of them jumped off the cliff shouting, “Here I come, Cupid!” and fell onto the rocks. Venus tracked Psyche down and tore at her while Anxiety and Sadness whipped her.

Did Eros and Psyche have a child?

After successfully completing these tasks, Aphrodite relents and Psyche becomes immortal to live alongside her husband Eros. Together they had a daughter, Voluptas or Hedone (meaning physical pleasure, bliss). In Greek mythology, Psyche was the deification of the human soul.

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What is the moral of Psyche and Eros?

Cupid and Psyche Make Us Hopeful About Love

Another moral to this story is the idea that love will find you – -and true love will never really leave you behind.

Did Cupid and Psyche manifest this kind of love?

Answer. Answer: Cupid’s mother, Venus, became so jealous of the beautiful mortal Psyche that she told her son to induce Psyche to fall in love with a monster. Instead, Cupid became so enamored with Psyche that he married her with the condition that she could never see his face.

What was Venus’s revenge on psyche?

Mortals even neglected Venus by not worshipping. What is Venus’ plan to revenge herself against Psyche? How does her plan fail? She asks Cupid to use his powers and make Psyche fall in love with the most disgusting and vile creature there lives.

What did Venus make psyche do out of bitterness and envy?

What were the four things that Venus made Psyche do out of bitterness and envy? … Psyche felt curious, and that she must see what the beauty charm in the box was. She also wanted to look beautiful for Cupid if she ever saw him again. When she opened the box, she fell into a deep sleep.

What happens when Psyche opened the box after visiting Persephone?

She challenges Psyche to go into the underworld and have Persephone put some of her beauty in a box. Miraculously, Psyche succeeds. On her way toward giving the box to Venus, she becomes curious, opens the box, and instantly falls asleep. … Zeus grants the request and makes Psyche an immortal goddess.

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Why was psyche unhappy?

Psyche saw that men would gaze upon her, praise her, worship her, pay her honor, compliment her beauty, and yet none of them would fall in love with her. … So despite being adored, Psyche was miserable because she was not loved. And she came to despise her beauty, which had turned her into an object.

Who is Cupid’s wife?

PSYKHE (Psyche) was the goddess of the soul and the wife of Eros (Roman Cupid) god of love. She was once a mortal princess whose extraordinary beauty earned the ire of Aphrodite (Roman Venus) when men began turning their worship away from the goddess towards the girl.

Why is Cupid blind?

She realized that he was Cupid, the most handsome god and not an ugly demon. Win win for Psyche! But cupid woke up and startled her, making the hot oil from the lamp fall into his eyes. … Out of love and desperation she accomplishes everything and gets to see Cupid and discovers that he is blind because of her oil spill.

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