Your question: Does Spock have emotions?

Spock is half human and half Vulcan. … Since Vulcans evolved in a harsher environment, Spock is stronger than humans. Vulcans are touch telepaths, giving Spock the ability to share thoughts through a mind-meld. Vulcans experience powerful emotions, making Spock more vulnerable to very intense feelings.

Do Vulcans have emotions?

Emotion. Vulcans are known as logical beings who have removed emotions from their daily lives. … Only those who follow the discipline of kolinahr have completely purged all emotions from their minds; most Vulcans still have emotions, yet do not express or release them.

Can Vulcans cry?

They certainly can cry, they just try not to. Spock as a half Vulcan ought to be far less constrained by whatever genetic limitations on emotion Vulcan DNA comes with — depending on how genes actually get expressed.

How do Vulcans show affection?

Vulcan finger-touching was a ritualistic form of affection among Vulcans involving the index and middle fingers. It was used throughout their culture, including in public, at wedding ceremonies, and during the pon farr. Contact ranged from a simple two-fingertip touch to tracing around another’s hand.

Did Spock and Uhura have a relationship?

Spock and Uhura have a canonical romantic relationship in the Star Trek Alternate Original Series movies . Initially introduced as student and teacher, later scenes establish that Spock and Uhura are also linked romantically (Uhura comforts Spock with a hug; in a later scene, the two share a kiss).

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Is Khan stronger than Spock?

Perhaps as Spock was half human he wasn’t as strong as other Vulcans? … Khan is far stronger than the average human and stronger than the average (or above average Vulcan.) Khan on a good day could take on two Vulcans at the same time and defeat them.

Is Vulcan planet real?

Vulcan /ˈvʌlkən/ is a small hypothetical planet that was proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun. … A number of searches were made for Vulcan, but despite occasional claimed observations, no such planet was ever confirmed.

Do Vulcan babies cry?

Yes, Vulcan babies cry. Vulcans still have emotions, they simply hide them. A baby doesn’t know how to hide emotions, so they would cry.

Who’s stronger Vulcan or Klingon?

Vulcans are a good five times stronger, but Klingins, as a best guess, might be between 1 and 1.5 times as strong as a human. However, what ST:TNG generation made clear is that Klingons were capable of taking damage and keep fighting, because they have more copies of their organs than Vulcans or humans.

Is Spock half human?

Spock’s mixed human-Vulcan heritage serves as an important plot element in many of the character’s appearances. Along with Captain James T. Kirk and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, he is one of the three central characters in the original Star Trek series and its films.

How far is Vulcan from Earth?

In Star Trek lore, Vulcan is the home of logic, learning and the deeply beloved first officer Mr. Spock. While Vulcan is fictional, the star system it belongs to–40 Eridani–is very real. It’s located only 16.5 light-years away from Earth and its primary star can be spotted with the naked eye.

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Did Saavik sleep with Spock?

Thus the fact is after young Spock has started Pon’Farr in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock and they do the pre-mating ritual of the touching of fingers which is a form of joining the minds and is also considered the “Vulcan Kiss” they had sex and it resulted in Saavik getting pregnant with Spock’s child.

Did Spock have a child?

Sadly, Spock died without ever siring an heir, and in Star Trek canon, neither Kirk nor Spock got to have descendants to carry on their adventures and save the galaxy. John Orquiola is a Features staff writer who has been with Screen Rant for four years. He began as a director’s assistant on various independent films.

How much older is Spock than Kirk?

in the original timeline, Kirk and Spock are similar in age. both in their mid-thirties. I am not sure about this one, but it’s fair to say they’re also of similar age here (Kirk is 25, Spock maybe 26 in earth years). remember, Kirk is an older cadet.

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